Third times a Charm

Things I am looking forward to about having a third child;

1. I am way less worried.

About pregnancy, about childbirth and about bringing another little into our household. While I know each of these things will be different to my previous two, because I am expecting it I am much more able to go with the flow. I’m expecting to go post date, I’m expecting the transition from 2 to 3 to have it’s ups and downs and I know how hormonal pregnancy and early post partum can be. I’m much less stressed going into this with some knowledge.

2. Sleep deprivation is killer, but it ends.

I have tied myself in knots over my children’s sleep. Fretted and cried and stressed and raged and none of it helped. My newborn is unlikely to sleep through the night. My 6 month old is unlikely to sleep through the night. For a time, I will need toothpicks for my eyelids. And that’s ok.

3. I know what I need.

Good coffee, a daily shower, the odd meal cooked for me that I can stash away in the freezer, a reasonably tidy house, company, space. And this time, I’m not afraid to ask.

4. Adding to the love.

My kids love each other, sometimes this presents as screaming at each other (#blessed) but generally, they’re awesome pals. I can’t wait for that love to increase even more.

5. Completing our family.

There is something about this pregnancy that feels really final. I never felt that with Tilly or George and I am super comfortable with it. Tilly keeps saying “at Christmas, our family will be finished”. I feel it too, kid ❤

6. I get to have a baby.

And through the nausea, tiredness, hormones and random anxiety – I still never underestimate how lucky we are.

To all those levelling up their parenting by adding to their family, or thinking about it, I want to send you so much love. You’re going to smash it 👊


Carole x


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