Waste Not, Want Not 

Hello chickens! It’s been a wee while, hasn’t it? I do intend to be a bit more regular with the blog but lifeing gets in the way 😴😴

In a nod to the start of Plastic Free July, I wanted to post a few of the changes our family is making and why.

There are components of waste free that I grew up with, without realising it. My grandparents, who raised me for a good portion of my childhood, always had vege gardens, fruit trees and compost bins. Nana also (and still does) bottle fruit, jams, jellies and chutneys – using whatever is seasonal. As a result, I am passionate about this – a view the Hubs shares – and together, we model this to our children.

Further to this, we have a desire to raise awareness about how we are disposing of our rubbish. We in the West are privileged to have bins and bags that we can fill up and pop out to be collected, never to be thought of again. This lack of conscious connection on our part has (I think) contributed towards a rather lazy attitude around rubbish disposal. Similarly, recycle bins have done the same. And while aspects of recycling are certainly better than landfill disposal, it’s not quite the green impact we think it is.. 

So, we are trying to reduce what leaves our household. Some of these things have been common practise for years; the likes of composting, gardens, cloth nappies and wipes (since we had our first child 3 years ago), homemade cleaning products and preserving/freezing fruit and vegetables. However we have pushed ourselves a bit more recently, as we gather more information and become more educated. 

Currently, I am setting two or three small goals to implement over the course of a few weeks. Because I want these to be lasting, achievable changes I am taking a slower approach to ensure it works for our family. Some basic changes like reusable shopping and produce bags, refilling our own containers at bulk food stores and cutting out the use of all plastic bags. I’m also moving from room to room, seeing how I can make changes, and we have recently started using gorgeous shampoo, conditioner and facial cleanse bars from Ethique which I highly recommend!

On a similar vein, Hubs has found some old timber that has been stashed in the ceiling of our garage since we purchased our house and he has used this to build some wonderful raised vege beds. Using what we have already goes hand in hand with reducing our waste.

I will post a bit more as the month goes on, I have a few ideas that I’m excited to put in place so stay tuned! 

And before I go, I really encourage you to try one or two changes in your home. You would be amazed at the impact a few, small changes can make.

Image credit: http://www.ecouterre.com/sarah-lazarovics-buyerarchy-of-needs-tells-it-like-it-is/

Happy Saturday, lovelies! Go the AB’s!


C x


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