Day One – The Simple Life

Hello! Today marks the start of my 100 Days Project. For those who haven’t read my past blogs, I am concentrating on 100 Days of Happiness. I will be documenting, via my blog, a moment each day that that I have reflected on with joy.

Today, it was pretty easy. Well, it wasn’t really.  And then it was.


I was determined to snap a joyeously fabulous photo showing a wonderfully happy moment so set about with my camera with gusto.

But I ended up getting blurry, out of focus shots as my primary models are easily distracted. I also got 6 photos of my own butt, which may be joyeous to some, but I personally didn’t feel like it was a secure springboard to start from.

So, after starting to get a bit fidgety, I put my phone down and stepped back. I made myself  a cup of coffee and just sat for bit.

And that’s when I realised what has filled me with happiness today. 


We all slept all night, the morning was peaceful, we ate a delicious breakfast, the Hubs left for work looking particularly handsome, I straightened my hair, we went to Playcentre, a lovely friend dropped Tilly home so George and I could leave early for his nap, I got a few jobs done and made curry for tea, we had afternoon tea with Nana and Poppa. 

It was a lovely day and I realised that as my children are getting older, these days are becoming more frequent. 

Don’t get me wrong, there are still hard bit. But, as they grow and gain bits and pieces of independence, some of those all consuming needs of babyhood slip away. And before you know it, you’re leaving the house on time wearing mascara.

Today, today filled me with happiness. How blessed I am.

Until next time 😘

Ta ra for now 

C xx


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