100 Days of Happiness 

In the spirit of doing the things, instead of talking about the things, I wanted to write a wee blog to share my newest project.

Inspired by a lovely old school friend, over on the channel The Fern Life (check her out! Link in comments) I decided I would participate in this years 100 Days Project. For those that don’t know, the 100 Days Project is (in short) a creative undertaking that see’s people commit to an activity or project for 100 days. The only rules are you have to do it for 100 days and you have to document it. There is so much more to it than my weak paraphrase, and I fully suggest you pop over and have a look.

I have chosen to do 100 Days of Happiness. Each day, I will focus on a point of happiness in my day and will document it on a daily blog. 

That’s right guys, a daily blog. Aren’t you thrilled? 😉😉

This sounds a bit basic, but basic can be effective, right? Look at spaghetti pasta with marmite and butter! Seriously, try it. You’re welcome.

My focus is twofold. First, to sharpen my writing skills and increase traffic on my blog and second; to ensure that in the hurricane of wonderful, frustrating, hilarious, exhausting parenting, I will focus on a single, happy point to create some focus and clarity in my day.

So, I’m super excited! I registered today, and the project starts on the 22nd of May. I will post a link to my project once it has started.

Looking forward to sharing some happiness with you, pals 😘

A lovely moment of happiness 😘❤

Until next time

Ta ra for now

C xx


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