Six for Six 

Guys, it’s March. MARCH. Didn’t I just post Christmas recipes yesterday??

I know getting all jaw drop emoji at the passing of time is ridiculous – it’s the one consistent after all – but when you lead a busy life with small people, those days, weeks and months seem particularly speedy.

We have now been in Feilding for 6 months. Almost half of George’s life! There has been a wee bit of change already this year. Hubs has been offered a new position in Palmerston North and he has accepted it. It’s a fantastic opportunity for him and one we believe will be fabulous for our family long term. He starts mid-March and is on garden leave until then. Hooray for an unexpected three week holiday!


We have also been thinking about what our long term property plans are. Originally, we were going to give Monmouth Street five years and then move to a bigger piece of land slightly out of town. It is still our goal to create a fairly self sufficient garden/orchard but we are now planning to stay on here and create it within this space. 

There are a few reasons for this. First and foremost, Hubs new job will come with longer days and some evenings, so taking on a bigger peice of property would be a potential over commitment right now. The second, as always, is financial. We have lots of plans and a big part of those are around travel. Neither of us have done a lot so far but we are super keen take our family on regular overseas trips and expose them to different cultures. Also, to shop 😂 

Another reason that features, brings us back to our living with purpose mantra. 

Why bigger? For what reason? Can we do what we want to do at this property? What do we want to model to our children? 

Certainly the self sufficiency, the garden to table, the community minded and the nature focused elements are starting to play a more consistent role in our day to day lives but further to those, we want to teach our children to take joy in what they have. To celebrate our wonderful, plentiful life and not to be driven by material reward.

Now to clarify, we like things. Who doesn’t, right? I have a penchant for lovely clothes, hubby for brewing/distilling equipment and both of us for books. And I think that’s fine. Those items bring us joy and we save our money and purchase pieces of clothing or equipment of quality. We are definitely trying to be more mindful about our purchases.

The kids are giants. Tilly is out of nappies during the day and is an eloquent, confident little girl. She is strong willed and opinionated and while that can be very trying, I’m trying to help her nurture her strength.

George is a chuckling, adventurous little tiger who is besotted with his sister and excited about the world around him. He has nearly weaned and is sleeping super well. My babies aren’t babies anymore.. #captainobvious

And I am well. Still taking my medication and that, along with the gym, is making such an impact on my mental health. Sleeping kids helps as well 😉 
Recently I’ve felt a real desire to focus on my creative outlets. I went and saw an amateur production of Blood Brothers and it made me long for the stage. I have a few thoughts around projects but am still figuring out the what and how. Stay tuned for my one woman show of Hamilton 👍😂😂 #inthecar

So that’s us for now! To finish, here’s a picture of giant Harry 👍

Until next time

Ta ra for now 

C xx


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