Dress like a Mum – or not?

I wrote a blog awhile ago talking about fashion. As a avid style column/blog reader, I love seeing trends come and go – particularly ones that I have lived through already.. 90s slip dress anyone?
Over the past couple of months I’ve taken a hard line with my wardrobe. The reality is, despite loving some styles, they actually don’t suit me as well as I would like and/or they aren’t functional for my day to day life. As a result, these items have stayed in my closet and I continued to wear the same thing day in and day out. Yawn. I felt frumpy, which in turn, made me feel grumpy #poet

I decided to step back again and have a good, long look at not only my own closet but the closets of people I admired. I follow a lot of fashion bloggers on Facebook and Instagram and most of them have children. The items they tended to frequent were comfortable, stylish and funky. Good quality basics with lots of print and colour. Bright nail polish, accessories, and ease of wear were key.

I then looked at my own wardrobe and realised that I was wearing a cheaper version of all of those things every day. And that’s when it hit me. I had a personal style that worked, but I didn’t see it for what it was. In my head, I was still 25 (ha!) and my go to purchases weren’t garments that were fitting with my lifestyle anymore.

So, I culled. Big time. Then, as if she had read my mind, Monique Doy from Dressing Up released a style guide. And I devoured it.

Now, there are plenty of style guides out there, but I found Moniques to have a point of difference. As fits her brand, Monique encourages us to love our body, love our style and embrace what fits/works/looks fabulous. The size tag on a piece of clothing doesn’t define you and that is MASSIVELY important to remember in this day and age of huge retailers and billions of different cuts of clothing.

Armed with my new bible, I wrote down a few key ideas that accumulated while looking at my wardrobe, my day to day style and my inspirations. Out of that came the following;

1. I love navy, and I use it often as a base
2. I love print and rich colour. Dark pinks, reds, rich greens and purples. Jewel colours!

3. I like funky pant and top combos. Harem pants, in plains or prints, paired with a tee are my jam.

4. I love love LOVE coloured trainers.

5. Despite ogling 50s fashion, it wasn’t an every day focus for me. I have a couple of frocks in this style that I love but that was it.

6. I love a good basic, especially stripes. Yes, stripes are a basic for me 😉

7. Two of my biggest style inspo’s are Jools Oliver and Zoe De Pass

New resolve – stop spending money on pieces that aren’t me anymore. And start saving for stylish, quality versions of my “uniform”. I need to own my style and not be afraid to add flair.

Yay for shopping! And yay for a style guide that finally speaks to me like a friend rather than a client. With my new wardrobe appreciation, I might even tackle a few style challenges 👌

Keep your eye on my blog to see what I’m wearing, what I’m buying and how I’m hiding it from my husband 😂

Also, if you’re keen on a copy of this fabulous resource, you can pick one up here: http://www.dressingup.co.nz/dressing-up-ebook/

Until next time

Ta ra for now

C xx


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