Back to Basics

Monday was Hubs first day back at work, and I didn’t even cry and cling to his ankles, begging him to not leave me alone with them #boss 👌 

Partly, because my lovely MIL was here with her ever helping hands and partly because wonderful, distracting Playcentre started again for the year. I have certainly noticed the absence of our routine, particularly in Tilly, over the Christmas break so I was actually happy to resume normality. 

It’s now Wednesday and we have had two Playcentre sessions this week, as well as a lovely playdate with a friend from Christchurch – such a treat!

A passel of Cantabrians

To continue on the organised footing I set off on last year, I wrote up my weekly planner. It’s not massively detailed, but it does set out our meals for the week, indicates what day I’m exercising and has my house cleaning roster.

See, at the end of 2016 I started splitting my housework up over the weekdays which meant I not only did a more thorough job as I only had one task a day but come the weekend there was no more hollering at hubs to get George off my butthole as I attempted to do everything at once. 

I enjoy routine, especially with having children, so it’s nice to be back in the thick of it. Since returning for the new year, George has turned 1 (gulp) and is such a wee lad now! Tilly’s language is growing every day and she has developed quite the love for dress ups and accessories. No idea where she gets that from 😁😉

We have lots of exciting plans for this year, particularly around our garden and sustainability goals. I’m looking forward to moving into Autumn – my fave season – and filling the larder with lots of deliciousness. 

But for now, I shall sign off and enjoy my coffee and book as my children nap.
Until next time 😙

Ta ra for now 

C xx


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