Cut, Print, Moving on.. 

A lot of people don’t like the idea of New Years resolutions. “Why wait till the New Year?” they cry “shape your life now! Put change in place now!”.

I think there’s some merit in that, I’ve certainly waxed lyrical about living the life you want to live. However, the years end can make room for some much needed reflection and that’s never a bad thing.

Our dialogue over the past few months has featured the topic of goals fairly consistently, as you would expect with the big changes we’ve made. So putting together a list of focus points for 2017 wasn’t terribly difficult.

1. Health and Wellbeing

I know, #vague, but it encompasses such a lot of things I couldn’t think of a better title. Generally, I want this to be a driving force behind most of my choices. I’ve joined a gym and am doing a mix of cardio and resistence. I’m looking forward to doing a yoga/pilates style class when they start again. 

Food is a biggie. I want to cook from scratch with fresh ingredients. This isn’t too different from what we do now but I want to really limit my families intake of highly processed foods and really stoke the fire around my love of creating delicious meals.

Mental health is obviously a huge focus, and for that my doctor and I have decided I will continue my medication and counsellor visits. I feel like these things are working really well for me and hopefully exercise, a balanced diet and spending time doing activities I enjoy will support this.

2. Get my craft on

So I’ve always been all “I’m not crafty” but truth is, I actually am but I just don’t action it because #children and #lazy. This year I want to knit a blanket, learn to sew and work on upcycling some furniture for my children. I draw the line at scrap booking. Soz. 

3. Just do it


No seriously though, action is everything. I want to take opportunities, actively participate in my passions and just live life (yo). Talking and planning is fine but I need to buy a verb.

And finally..

I find writing down a bunch of random words that I feel like speak to me helps, as the list often shows a theme. Here’s mine, and I’d love to see yours!

~ Carole ~

Mama, wife, cook, reader, actress, vintage, gardening, preserving, fashion, greenie, thrifter, advocate, social worker, royalist, organiser, confident, ambitious, generous, wanderer, friend, community, leader. 

Happy New Year darlings, may it be as fabulous as you are xx

Ta ra for now 

C xx


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