So I decided I would try and bake my first Christmas cake. My Nana gave me the recipe she has used forever but I have popped that one aside in favour of a slightly simpler looking job in the latest Nadia mag. 

Armed with goodwill and general Christmas bohomie, I collected the ingredients, popped some Christmas Barbra on and away I went. I even let the 2 year old join in because #christmasfun right? 👌😑😑😑

That’s the face of someone who licked most of the ingredients…

There was a fair bit to it, but the execution was fairly simple. It called for whisky but I chose to use The Hubs homemade rum because its not enough that I preserve and use cloth nappies, I have to be an even bigger wanker 😉😅

I’m pleased with how it turned out, the cake part is actually quite minimal and it’s mostly held together with a gorgeous array of fruit and nuts.

Tis the season

Are you a Christmas cake baker? What recipe do you use? I’m keen to know your secrets! Next on my list is teeny lavender shortbread, also from the Nadia magazine because I feel like she is my spirit animal when it comes to attitude to food #notsponseredjustlove 

Happy baking 😘

Ta ra for now

Christmas Carole 🌲🎅


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