The First Trimester 

How’s that title for click bait? 😉

Soz guys, the 3 month period I am referring to isn’t the growing of Baby P number 3 but rather, reaching the end of our first 3 months in Feilding.

I have been fairly consistent-ish with blogging so any big things have been discussed. Things like jam making and Playcentre and larder clearing and children growing. 

Because those are the big things now, and I’m not even sorry about it. There was a time when the Hubs and I felt like we always needed a thing. My Aunty gave us a piece of art work to celebrate our engagement and it reads “Essentials of life – someone to love, something to do and something to look forward to”. Generally, I’m not a quotey type of girl but this one resonated with us and we have often discussed it, particularly the last part.

I think Westerners get into a pattern of living by rote. We slog and slog and fall into bed exhausted. We work long hours and tell ourselves we need to. We line up activity after activity for our children. Essentially, we cram our time full to the brim until we burnout.

Now I’m not saying being busy is a bad thing, or that working or providing your children with extra curricular activities is a terrible choice. But I do wonder how balanced we are? We are being raised in a competitive market. To be the top of our game. And I definitely think striving to be the best version of yourself is super important but what does that look like?

The Hubs and I always felt like we needed the next thing to look forward to. Life took on a routine that wasn’t necessarily healthy for our family. 

Moving has changed that. 

Acknowledging my post natel depression changed that. 

We have always been good communicators within our marriage, it’s a strength of ours that grew from the first year of our relationship being long distance. But TALKING about it and DOING it are two different things. 

Attitude and action is everything.

Feilding was our action, but we had to support it with our attitude. We had to say ok, we are here – now what? One of our big things is the importance of being happy. Of living a day to day life where we feel focused and fulfilled. And not slogging away, waiting for the next thing to come.

We certainly still have our moments, life is life and it doesn’t come without stress and worry and children who have decided that sleeping through the night is for punks. Sob. But we are happy. I feel fulfilled within my role and excited for what’s happening now and what’s to come. I love the community we have joined and feel very content. 

So hooray for action! We are now getting into the Christmas season and enjoying the sunshine. We have had visitors from Christchurch which has been wonderful. Tilly is really into Santa this year so there has been lots of talk about that! We even managed a Santa photo without crying #winning

Happy summer season everyone! Check back for some Christmassy recipes and activities within the next few weeks. 

Ta ra for now

C xx


One thought on “The First Trimester 

  1. Love this Carol….so very much in line with our thoughts at the moment too. Tils and George are looking so happy…makes me smile xxx Hugs from Ruby!


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