Lady Marmalade 

So I know I said I wouldn’t do entire blog posts when I made a jar of marmalade, but here’s an entire blog post about making jars of marmalade 😅😅

You might remember a few posts back that I cleared out my larder. Well I’m sorry to say that despite that, I haven’t actually  added anything to it in the way of preserves..  Unless you count the Hubs stashing his homebrew in there because it’s nice and dark #showoff 

There is a grapefruit tree fit to burst out at my Aunt and Uncles farm so I pilfered a few and decided to make Nadia Lims grapefruit marmalade with ginger, turmeric and cardamom.

Holy crap it’s good 😍😍

I’m now off to make a couple of loaves of bread to go with and take one of each to my lovely neighbour in the hope I can swap it for her wisdom around growing a cottage garden –  my next endeavour.

Rural life is sweet yo 👌😘

Until next time

Ta ra for now

C xx


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