Daddy has a penis!

Somewhere, in the midst of packing, organising and moving, my kids have gotten bigger and brighter. 

The first year always feels like it has the biggest developmental changes as the progression from newborn to one year old is obviously quite marked. George is 8.5 months now (wtffff???) and is quite the lad. He loudly and proudly shouts his one word (Dada!) alongside other babbles and guttural consonants to match his sister’s constant chatter. He is sleeping so much better now (thank god) and eats anything and everything. 

The biggest change for George, I think, is how much he is getting out of Playcentre. He is so interested in everything and everyone – particularly if there is water play involved! He is no longer mama’s clinging observer but a confident explorer, figuring out the world around him. The Hubs calls him the baby rhino as he charges towards us as fast as he can. One things for sure, my baby is turning into my little boy 

We celebrated Tilly’s second birthday in July and man – she is so Two Years Old. Her language is incredible and we are getting big sentences, descriptions and stories about everything. She is incredibly observant and has a great memory. Sometimes, too good.. 

Tilly has taken to our small town life like a duck to water. Today was Rural Day in Feilding and I took the kids along to look at the baby animals and tractors. That’s right, we now live somewhere that has a Rural Day and its fabulous! When I see her get excited over lambs, calves and baby goats it reminds me again why we did this. My city kids are becoming country kids more and more each day.

The Hubs has started reading bigger books to Tilly before bed and I often get her telling me she’s going to gobble me up if I tell her she’s not allowed to do something. Which is often, it seems, because #two 😨😨😨😨

All in all, it fills my heart with joy to watch my children thrive in this environment. There was always the fear that we were taking them away from what they knew and despite the fact that I know how incredibly resilient kids are, I wouldn’t be a parent if I didn’t agonize over every decision I made πŸ˜‰ They miss their family and friends in Christchurch but are making new friends and building relationships with their family here, special mention to Tilly’s beloved Aunty Deborah, Uncle Fairy and El-yan πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ 

Tomorrow we are going through to Wellington to take the kids to Te Papa and pick up some brewing supplies so Phil can lay down a spiced Christmas beer, because OCTOBER (!!??). Will check back in and let you know how it tastes! πŸ‘

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Ta ra for now

C x


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