Yes ma’am, I love a little town!

So, it turns out that we’ve been here a month already!?!! Just over, actually, since our one month anniversary was Tuesday but I was distracted by small people.

Cute ones, though.

I definitely feel like we are finding our groove here. The kids are enrolled in two sessions at Playcentre and I have met some lovely mama’s who have even invited us on a couple of playdates. 

A quick aside, I recently discovered that the Playcentre movement started in Feilding and that our building in Kimbolten Road was purpose built many years ago. Now, we loved our Playcentre in Christchurch but I have to say, there’s something special about this one. Everyone is so involved and has been so welcoming and open to our involvement and it’s just been fantastic for both the kids and I. There’s a distinct (I think) country flavour and it suits us down to the ground.

Other than that, we are loving being so close to everything. We get out and walk a lot and Hubs is able to come home for lunch which is so nice! On the topic of the bearded one, he is loving his new role and is super busy. Downtime has been used to design his garden, a task he is starting to put together this weekend since we have finally SOLD OUR HOUSES!

That’s right! All gone! It is such a relief and we feel like we’ve let out a breath we didn’t even know we were holding. A huge thank you to Super Dave for all his hard work xx

All in all, we find that we have slowed down a bit which has been so good for us. We miss our friends and family in Christchurch very much but it’s so lovely being two minutes down the road from my peeps. As the weather warms up, we are looking forward to exploring our surroundings a bit more.

Anyhoo, I am planning a weekend of making cleaning products, deheading roses and Doc Martin so as we go forth with Friday, have a lovely one my beauties.

Ta ra for now 

C xx


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