So further to my blog post of Sunday, I had a day at home with the kids today and despite Facebook telling me last night “it’s going to rain in Feilding tomorrow, Carole – stay dry!” (??!!!), said rain held off until about 3.30pm and the day was bright and sunny so I decided to tick a goal/job off my list.

Our new property has a row of three sheds, two are rooms, one is a woodshed and one has windows. Phil claimed the one with light for his distillery which worked well for me as I wanted the dark space for a larder 

The larder has been a home for unpacked boxes and tins of paint since we moved in so I thought a spruce up was not only much needed, but essential to motivate me and provide a workable space. Also, Phil swept and tidied his distillery the first few days we moved in and I can’t have him show me up. The dork.

I have enjoyed the small amount of preserving and jam making I have done and really want to do a bit more. Growing up, my Nana did and still does a lot of both and I have fond memories of being told to fetch a jar of fruit or a bottle of tomato sauce from the curtained larder in our house. I love the idea of our kids having the same. 

So, I donned some rubber gloves (ooo la la) and proceeded to move, sweep, disinfect and unpack and I must say I’m pretty happy with the result

It doesn’t look like much, but it’s such an improvement. Looking forward to putting all the things in jars and forcing family to eat them.

That’s all for today! Until next time x

Ta ra for now

C x


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