72 Monmouth St – our new love story 

So you’ve heard me wax lyrical about how in love we are with our new house, so I thought I would  (finally!) pop up a few pics ☺

We are only the second family to live in this home. My understanding is it was built in the 40s by a married couple and she lived here up until a few years ago, after her husband passed, till it was purchased by the previous owner to us, who completed the beautiful renovations.


Big fan of the kitchen! Particularly this

The lounge has a gorgeous fireplace and a not so gorgeous mess of toys – soz about that 

The reason I’ve held off on posting pics is I wanted the house to pristine when I showed it off. Then I remembered I have two small children and I laughed and laughed and posted what I had

A Tilly room

A George room

An everybody room, apparently #familybed #notbychoice

My bathroom with original mirror and refurbished china cabinet which is now a vanity. 

There you have it, our lovely house ❤

Ta ra for now

C x


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