Start as you mean to finish

So it’s Monday morning. The Hubs has gone off to his new job of Feildings youngest lawyer and the sprogs and I are having a home day, our plans to walk and check out Playcentre thwarted by rain.

When we embarked on this journey, we talked a lot about what life in Feilding might look like. The things we wanted to start, habits we wanted to break and ones we wanted to form – all motivated and reinvigorated by our change in environment.

One of mine was spending more time in my kitchen. I love to cook and faff but my kitchen at Ferry Road wasn’t amazingly placed to work in while making sure the kids didn’t suffocate each other. My new house, however, has an enormous, gorgeous kitchen which can see into the lounge, dining and George’s room (where the toys are!). Fabulous! Which means I can often see the kids but they don’t always notice where I’m creepily watching from which is hilarious when Tilly is jumping on her brother and I boom out, like the Great and Powerful Oz “get off your brother” and she looks around confused, wondering how I spotted her 😂😉

Anyways, this morning I decided to organise myself for the week so grabbed a couple of fave cookbooks to prepare. One was the River Cottage Baby and Toddler cookbook, which I love! As mentioned before, we are big River Cottage fans here so it’s highly likely you will see many a mention on the blog #sorrynotsorry #notsponseredjustlove

I love a big workspace, and my roomy granite topped counter is ideal for spreading out and making a big ass mess. 

I started by making a simple tomato sauce from the RC book. It’s an easy recipe and I chuck in a grated carrot to bulk out the veg. I freeze it in large cubes in silicon trays and defrost a couple to mix through pasta. George has just learnt to suck spaghetti through fish lips so this was a huge hit! 

I’ve also popped on a couple of loaves of white bread from my favourite bread book and I’ll slice and freeze these. 

I’m big on knowing what’s in my family’s food and I love to try new things so will be talking more about this in the future 👌 I’m enjoying putting more thought into our menus as the last six weeks have been so hectic I’m ashamed to say it has been reflected in my eating habits. My poor body took all of last week to recover from my poor fuelling and I’m only just started having more energy in the last few days. 

So anyway, all is good here. My mantra at the moment is attitude is everything and that’s making a big difference to my focus.

Now to get my baby to sleep longer at night and I’d be a new woman 😉

Until next time xx

Ta ra for now

C x


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