825 Ferry Road – A Love Story

This weekend was our last in Christchurch so it was filled with last minute packing and moving prep, a lot of that being final touches to our current home to ensure it was impeccable for Super Dave to work with once we were gone.

As per previous blogs, recently emotion-of-the-day has been bittersweet sadness. And wandering around our beautiful property definitely reiterated that.

The Hubs and I purchased Ferry Road in 2013. It was the first home we had owned together and we were obsessed with it. We had been looking for six months or so, but two years post quake Christchurch had really done a number on house prices so nothing within our price range really resonated with us. After some discussion, we narrowed our search to two bedroom homes as we realized a) we were only planning on having one child (har har) and b) we didn’t like people in our space for extended periods of time so that negated the need for a spare room (lols). And that’s how we found Ferry Road. I still remember the convo between The Hubs and I before the open home:

Me: I’m so excited to see this place!

Hubs: I’m not buying a house before we leave for Thailand  (we were due to leave on our three week honeymoon in two weeks)

Me: Well, why are we going then?? (*said calmly, in a reasonable tone)

(*said petulantly, in a belligerent tone)

Hubs: We’ll just have a quick look but I’m not promising anything

We made an offer at the open home and it was accepted that night 👌😉

Buying a house is exciting, but there is something super special about your first home. So much promise, so much vision! And it didn’t let us down.

Ferry Road is our first home as husband and wife. It is the home our children were born into. Where Tilly learnt to walk, taking those first steps with her block trolley and George crawled far sooner than my poor heart could handle. It is where The Hubs really came into his own with his adventures in gardening and where I realised how much I enjoyed preserving and pickling his fabulous wares (snort).

It is the home where we have paced the hall at night with crying children, where we ourselves have cried from sheer exhaustion. The place where we have felt so much joy and contentment that we thought we must be the luckiest people alive. We’ve loved here, laughed here, fought here, lived here and watched so much Netflix here you wouldn’t believe it #parentlife

And it’s been wonderful.

I think for me, there is the added tie of this being the home I was first a SAHM. I have spent days and days here, first with Tilly, then with both kids once George came along and this home at times has felt like my refuge and (less often) my prison.

But it has been ours. And we’ve loved it something fierce. I hope whoever lives here next feels the same happiness we did.

Ferry Road, you’ve been good to us, but now it’s time for someone else to enjoy you. And we look forward to all the joy I know awaits us in our new whare.

There’s no place like home x

Ta ra for now

C xx


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