Packing with Children – a Step by Step Guide

So with three weeks to go, I thought it might be wise to start packing up some of the items we rarely use. After filling a skip with half our household (or so it appeared) our wardrobes and cupboards were only holding the things we wanted so I figured packing would be fairly straight forward.



Ok, so some order was needed. In times of chaos, taking rational, logical steps to complete a process will always end in the task being completed in a timely manner.

Unless you have children.

Step one:

Start by assessing what you want to achieve that particular day. I chose the wardrobes. Decide which box you will use and pluck from your neatly stacked pile


Crap. They’ve seen me.

Step two:

Entice your toddler into “helping” by giving her things to play with that will hopefully distract her getting under your feet. Tip the big bag of 100 plastic balls you stupidly bought for her birthday all over the floor for the baby to chase.

Step three:

Curse a little bit as you keep tripping over said balls. Who the fuck buys 100 plastic balls??

Step four:

Start with wardrobe one and stack from top to bottom in order to create some order when unpacking. This makes no sense but in your head it does and sorry what? #coffee #sleepdep

Step five:

Pat yourself on the back a little as the toddler starts to enjoy helping and the box gets filled.


Cheapest labour ever.

Step six:

When the box is filled, tape securely and make sure you write its destination in the house on the top. This will ensure that after the moving men are finished, you will undoubtedly be unpacking your knickers in the kitchen.

Step seven:

Fire the help. They’re useless.


But cute. Luckily.

Step eight:

Trip over more balls. Then trip over all the things that the toddler has pulled out of the box while you went for a wee.

Step nine:

Wonder idly how far you are from your self imposed first wine of the day time of 4pm.

Bugger, its 10.15.

Step ten:

Put things back in box. Find sharpie that toddler has absconded and refuses to surrender. Visions of black, irremovable wall art dance before your eyes.

Step eleven:

Feed baby. Damn needy things.

Step twelve:

Finally tape, label and mark the box you started. Its taken you an hour and a half to finish it. Top effort.


Step thirteen:

Move onto next wardrobe and repeat process. Try and be more efficient this time.

Step fourteen:

Trip over more balls. Rescue baby from crawling into the glass door he hasn’t worked out he can’t move through for the tenth time.

Step fifteen:

Give up and bake cookies.


Feel free to pin.

Ta ra for now

C xx



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