What are we waiting for?

So to give this seemingly sudden decision to up sticks and move islands some background, let me shed a little light on our decision making process.

The Hub’s and I have been together for five years and married for three. In that time, we have married (obvs), honeymooned overseas, bought our first home, had the sprogs, participated in many wonderful community theatre productions (the stomping ground in which we met) and generally had a grand old time. We love Christchurch, have a wonderful support network of family and friends and the choices of a big city at our fingertips.

So what the bloody hell are we doing?

Over our time together, about every six months or so, the conversation around the desire for change would crop up. And each time, we have stemmed it with other changes to our lives. As educated, self proclaimed clever people we know that we have the power and privilege of choice over our respective life path’s and thus, have deemed any hankering for something else as a mere dissatisfaction with our immediate surroundings that can be changed with a new hobby, a jogging regime and by eradicating rubbish food.

So changes were made, and life progressed as usual. But it didn’t stop the topic arising time and time again. Alongside that, was our desire for our own “River Cottage”. Many a time would we tune into Hugh Fernley-Whittingsall and, more recently, Australia’s own lovely Paul and proclaim “oh, how wonderful that would be, but not now.. later”. Now, we thought, is the time for heads down and bums up. Slog it out and in five, or perhaps ten years, we can have that.

But recently, we starting toying with the idea of why then and not now? Having children has impacted this. Kids man, nothing prepares you for the world of upside down they bring with them. Are we doing enough? Are we good enough role models? Are our values those that we want to pass on? Oh my god how badly am I effing this up???? Kids have impacted our path and planning quite spectacularly, the little beggers.

But for me, it hasn’t just been the sprogs. My wonderful sister bestie and her lovely man friend are currently nearing completion on the loveliest of tiny houses you ever did see. It has been their dream for quite some time and they decided last year that they would make it a reality. It hasn’t been without it’s challenges but at the end of the day, this is their value system, the way they want to live and the lifestyle they want to model to their gorgeous girls, so they just did it. And I have watched it unfold with awe and pride. And it has inspired me. I can have this, now, as well. We can live the life we want right now. Not in five years, or ten years but NOW.

And by god, that is empowering.

So, after much discussion between myself and the Hub’s a decision was made in favour of a move. Somewhere completely different. And this scared us, which told us it was the right choice. After that decision had been made it was the where. New Zealand has so many small, rural communities but which was right for us? We have been very lucky to have the ongoing support of the Hub’s wonderful whanau down here in Christchurch so we decided that we would be big dicks to move somewhere without that. And thus, the plan evolved. Feilding, we decided, was where it was at.

Now, I was born and raised in Palmerston North and have even lived in Feilding for a spell in my teens but the Hub’s hasn’t lived outside Christchurch. And I’ve been away from home for 14 years. Going back was a huge decision but it felt right. Fast forward to an idle job search, which presented one, solitary law position in the entire Manawatu region and it happened to be just the type of role he was after. Hub’s applied and within a week had been offered said role. Oh god. Next, Christchurch properties. We own our lovely family home and a rental in Islington and both needed to be sold. I rang Super Sales Man Dave from Harcourts and within two days he had a rather impressive package (lols) to show us around putting our houses on the market. Gulp. The next day, a beautiful home in Feilding appeared on realestate.co.nz and the Hub’s made the mistake of showing it to me. Oh dear. An offer went in and was accepted the day after.


Ok. ok. So we’re moving to Feilding it appears. Cue the telling of the people. That, it has to be said, was rubbish. Family, friends, the community we have built up here.. Sob. But so far, everyone has been lovely and supportive and wished us the very best. Which is what you do when you are super sad but love a person and truly want the best for them. Thank you guys, we love you.

So, now we have some breathing space while we go through the open home process with our houses in Christchurch and wait with bated breath on the property in Feilding, hoping like hell it ticks all the right boxes. Seriously guys, I can’t wait to show you this place. I’m squeeeing a wee bit just thinking of it.

We are equal parts thrilled to pieces and terrified beyond words by all this change. But one thing is for sure, we are moving forward purposefully and creating the life that we want.

And god I hope we don’t end up there and realise its a big mistake and we are just a pair of idealistic wankers.

And breathe.

Stay tuned, lovely ones xxx

Ta ra for now

C xxx








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